Where to Start

Manhood Reimagined explores a positive vision for manhood in the 21st Century and beyond. It starts here on Substack but will ultimately appear as a resource that men can work through on their manhood journey.

I hope that what I write here will spark the kinds of conversations that shape the final resource into something that benefits not just the men who dare to take the journey, but all people.

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Themes and a Recommended Order

What I’ve written aims to both lay a foundation for healthy manhood and unpack six actions that are key to the manhood journey. I would recommend you read them in the following order (which is not the same as the order I wrote them). As new posts are written, I’ll add them.


These posts lay the groundwork for everything else that follows.

  1. We Need a New Manhood Framework

  2. It’s About the Start, Not the End

  3. Self-Determination at the Center

  4. Manhood Without Patriarchy

  5. What Does Your Manhood Say About Women

  6. Lessons From History

From this foundation, I conclude:

In the journey of manhood, you honor your biology & heal your psyche
so you can discover your authentic self, overcome societal obstacles,
grow beyond cultural expectations & use your gifts to serve the world.

Honor Your Biology

  1. The Universal and Unique of Your Biology

  2. Life Is Better Without the Blue Pill

  3. This is Your Brain On …

Heal Your Psyche

  1. Toys R' Us ... Adults?

  2. The Adventure of a Lifetime

  3. Welcome To Your Psyche

  4. We All Need Recovery

  5. More Than A Woman

  6. Where A Man’s Struggle Begins

  7. Moving Beyond Comfortably Numb

  8. A Tale of Two Saturns

Discover Your Authentic Self

Overcome Societal Obstacles

  1. We Don’t All Live In The Same America

  2. The Elites Are Gaslighting All Of Us

Grow Beyond Cultural Expectations

  1. Is Your Operating System Glitchier than a PC?

  2. More Than Warriors

  3. Consuming Men

  4. Beyond Stoic (and Desperately Lonely)

  5. Discovering What We Can’t See

  6. When Death Taps on the Window

  7. How to Change Everything

  8. She Cums First

Use Your Gifts to Serve the World

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